‘Naruto Shippuden’ Episode 486 Air Date, Spoilers & Update: Watch Online The Clash Of Kekkei Genkai Users! Will Sasuke’s Rinnegan/Sharingan Combo Prevail?

By Mark Jason Alcala , Updated Dec 14, 2016 07:57 AM EST

'Naruto Shippuden" Episode 486, which arrives on December 15, is a highly anticipated episode of the long-running hit anime series. For those itching to watch the latest installment, here are some details to expect in the highly anticipated clash between the two Kekkei Genkai users Sasuke and Fuushin as well as the "Naruto Shippuden" 486 live stream info.

'Naruto Shippuden' Episode 486 Live Stream Information

For those who are still undecided where to watch "Naruto Shippuden" Episode 486 online, the upcoming episode will be promptly airing on Crunchyroll. The anime-focused online streaming giant will air the next episode on December 15, 2016 at 6:30 a.m. US EST.

'Naruto Shippuden' 486 Spoilers - Oyashiro Falls For Orochimaru's Trap

The last episode was all about the hunt for the elusive leader of the Lightning Group known only as Fuushin. While details about the leader's current whereabouts are unknown, Orochimaru's cunning and intelligence network proved to be invaluable, a link has been found in the arms dealer and Kekkei Genkai collector Oyashiro. In the coming "Naruto Shippuden" Episode 486, it is expected that Orochimaru's plan of luring out Oyashiro will finally work, as it was already seen last episode that he has been observing Sasuke from a distance waiting for him to finally use his Sharingan. It is highly likely that the exploding human seen at the end of the last episode is a way to force Sasuke to reveal his Sharingan, a way to confirm that he is indeed the last of the Uchiha.

'Naruto Shippuden' 486 Spoilers - Rinnegan / Sharingan Vs Fuushin's Kekkei Genkai

What is more interesting is the anticipated meeting of the two Kekkei Genkai users in the coming "Naruto Shippuden" Episode 486. While everyone is already familiar with Sasuke's visual prowess, little has been known about the nature of the Kekkei Genkai that Fuushin possess.

What is interesting still are latest "Naruto Shippuden" Episode 486 spoilers saying that Fuushin actually looked up to Sasuke, being the last of the formidable Uchiha clan. This latest speculation is certainly in line with previous hints that Fuushin may have previous dealings with Sasuke' brother Itachi. The upcoming meeting between the two will finally reveal how deep this connection really rans.

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