'Monkey King' Latest News & Update: Dota 2 Newest Hero; Powers Revealed

By Jerome , Updated Dec 14, 2016 09:34 AM EST

Sun Wukong the "Monkey King" is the newest hero added to the game "Dota 2". "Monkey King" is the first hero added in Dota 2 that is not in the original roaster of Dota 1. "Monkey King" was released on the Dota 2 update 7.00 last December 12 ,2006.

"Monkey King" first skill is Boundless Strike. "Monkey King" enlarges his staff and slams it against the ground. Boundless strike will stun enemies in the line damaging them with critical hit base on "Monkey King" attack.

"Monkey King" has two zero mana abilities which is Tree dance and mischief. Tree dance allows monkey to jump in a tree but will get stunned if the trees has been cut and "Monkey King" has fallen. Mischief is a skill of "Monkey King" where he can disguise as a tree, rune, items like iron wood branch and courier.

Mischief allows "Monkey King" to be in disguised for an indefinite of time until he is attacked or "Monkey King" use revert form. "Monkey King" has a skill while on tree after using Tree dance. Primal Spring will allow "Monkey King" to jump from a tree, damaging and slowing enemies once "Monkey King" lands.

A passive ability of "Monkey King" is Jingu Mastery, where after four hits on the same enemy hero, "Monkey King" will have bonus damage and lifesteal. The duration of Jingu Master will last until 15 seconds.

Monkey King's ultimate attack is called Wukong's Command where "Monkey King"create a circular formation of soldiers that spread in different position. The soldiers of "Monkey King" will attack any heroes within the circular formation. Wukong's Command will end after a certain time limit or if "Monkey King" move out the circular formation.

"Monkey King" is another great addition in Dota 2 heroes. Players knows that in the future, Dota 2 will add more heroes.


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