"Dell" Latest News & Update: Basic Warranty Services, What Customer Needs To Know

By Jerome , Updated Dec 14, 2016 09:46 AM EST

"Dell" is one of the largest privately own computer company found by Michael Dell. Customer will ring "Dell" support if they have problems on their computer and the most common warranty for a "Dell" Computer is called Basic Warranty support. But what does Basic Warranty support cover?

Basic warranty support of "Dell" covers basic hardware and basic software. Basic warranty support has an onsite or Mail in warranty. Computer can only have one of this, which could be an Onsite or Mail in service.

"Dell" Basic hardware basically will cover and troubleshoot almost all the hardware of the computer until it needs to be sent to depot or mail, or having an onsite tech to go to a customer's place to fix computer. Basic Software will cover basic windows issue only and will not cover any third party softwares.

If the problem is regarding a software, customer will not be able to have the computer shipped to Depot or mail in, or having an onsite tech check the software problem. This is parts of the "Dell" basic warranty policy.

"Dell" can also send just parts only if certain parts on the computer is already broken, but this can only be done if the parts is what dell called a "Customer Replaceable unit". If parts is a Field Replaceable unit, then it needs to have an onsite tech, or needs to be send to depot or for mail in.

If customer has an onsite dispatch on their "Dell" computer, then they have the option to have it sent to depot. But if customer has only Mail in warranty, then customer needs to purchase a labor for an onsite tech to go to customer's address. Any accidental damage on the computer is not covered by the basic warranty support including normal wear and tear of the computer.

This will really help "Dell" customers to understand what the coverage of basic warranty support has. If the customer of "Dell" knows all of the scope of basic warranty, then this can save them time and can prevent arguments between customers and technical support.

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