Battlefield 4 News: China Rising DLC Showing Problems When Upgrading From Current Gen to the Next

By Prarthito Maity , Updated Dec 23, 2013 08:22 AM EST

DICE has had a rough year, and it was made even rougher with insistent complaints from fans and critics regarding the recently released Battlefield 4’s never ending relationship with nearly all the kinds of bugs and glitches that are currently available on the planet. However, here on, it doesn’t seem like these problems are going away anytime soon with new reports of problems for the same, this time related to the game’s China Rising DLC.

According to an EA user and a NeoGAF user, it seems like if a player picks up the China Rising DLC for a current-gen copy and then tries to upgrades it for a next-gen console, the player won’t be able to download the DLC.

Discussing the issue with the game’s DLC, EA user buckethead232 wrote: “I bought BF4 for my PS3, I waited to redeem my download code until after the PS4 came out and I utilized the 10 dollar upgrade to the PS4 version.”

“I go to download China Rising Today and it won’t let me download for free. Start an advisor chat and EA has evidently decided this afternoon that if you took this path to upgrade your game you are out of luck and have to pay 14.99 or buy Premium to get it.”

“So with the upgrade path I chose I am locked into keeping the PS3 disc (I can’t sell it to recoup some of my money) and you are going to refuse to provide content which I paid for (It was promised as a condition of purchase). I have two other friends who had the same problem earlier in the Day and where able to receive new codes,” he added.

“I have been holding off on purchasing premium due to all of the problems with this game, but I was looking forward to the new maps. Well I guess I am going to hold off on spending anymore money on this nightmare of nothing but problems for now.”

Thankfully enough, though, buckethead232 also got hold of the EA customer support to get a possible feedback on the situation. However, the customer support guy replied: “There are two conditions of getting the China Rising Expansion. 1-Customers should have pre-ordered Battlefield 4 for their Next Gen Console at full retail price. OR. 2- Customers should have purchased Battlefield 4 Premium for either their Gen 3 or Gen 4 Console.”

The problems intensified after a NeoGAF user TheVanillaGorilla also confirmed that EA wanted to offer him a 15 percent voucher “as a token of appreciation” for whatever problems the fan has been through with the game when he enquired as to why his copy of the China Rising expansion hadn’t carried over when he upgraded his PS3 version of Battlefield 4 to the PS4 version via the PSN.

“Absolutely epic customer service by EA. I can't support that. Bye bye BF4,” an understandably irritated TheVanillaGorilla wrote later.

There are a lot of problems with the Battlefield 4 on every single platform it has released on, and we are guessing that it will take even longer to address all those issues in their entirety.

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