'League Of Legends' News & Update: Camille Character Guide; Tips And Technique For Effective Resource Farming

By Ralphy Bonn Sim , Updated Dec 14, 2016 06:43 PM EST

"Camille the Steel Shadow" is the latest Champion to be released by Riot Games in their game "League of Legends." There has been a massive amount of anticipation surrounding her release for weeks now. After weeks of being tested on the "Public Beta Environment (PBE)" she has finally been released on Live Servers today, Monday of December 12.

This tip will gives you a run-down of her role in the "League of Legends" game, which Lane she is best suited to alongside gameplay footage. If you're looking forward to pick "Camille the Steel Shadow" up this is an essential guideline for you to master.

Playing "Camille the Steel Shadow" in the top lane is all about quick trades designed to quickly engaging the opponent, hit them with a fast combo and retreat once you've hit them with a combo. Use quickly by the pressing the letter "Q" in the keyboard to get the Move speed steroid, patching back to land your "W" sweet spot to slow and then catching up to land the strong second "Q" pros with the true damage. Carefully playing around Camille's passive "Adaptive Defenses" and her "E" Hooks hot & Wall dive is pivotal in both winning trades and escaping ambushes for "League of Legends."

"Camille the Steel Shadow" strength in the Jungle is her incredibly effective ambushing enemy ability. Her "E" provides her with an unparalleled gap closer at a very early level. This means that Camille will have huge impact in the early game if played correctly in the "League of Legends."

"Camille the Steel Shadow" has a true damage in her first skill ability (Q). Camille is programmed with a 90 percent slow coupled with a max percent health, area of effect healing for her second ability skill (E). She has 20 percent maximum health shield against her opponent's damage. She also has an ability of "Untargeted ability" on her third skill (R) while playing "League of Legends."

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