‘League Of Legends’ Latest Tips, News & Update: Learn How To Get Free Piltover Icon & Play Camille The Steel Shadow Here!

By Bernie Y. , Updated Dec 14, 2016 09:25 AM EST

"League of Legends" fans are familiar with a little place called Piltover and there's a neat way on how to get the icon for free. Also, learn the trick on how to play the latest Champion of the game: Camille the Steel Shadow.

'League Of Legends' Free Piltover

"League Of Legends" players will have a chance to get a free Piltover. It's a cultural hub, where upper the class of Valoran lives and strives; the home of the good ones like Vi and Caitlyn along with the pretty boys Jayce and Ezreal, per iDigital Times. Now players will have the chance to get a free Piltover icon for free.

Simply click on this link and scroll down until you reach the bottom of the page and just click the icon. Players can take advantage of this free "League of Legends" Piltover icon until December 13.

The Piltover icon should be added by December 27 and if doesn't, you can just submit a ticket to "League of Legends" developer, Riot Games, and they promise to assist. Players have until December 13 midnight EST to avail of the free Piltover icon.

So for those "League of Legends" icon addicts, don't miss the chance to add a free one to your collection. In case the page doesn't work - if you're outside the NA region - you can try this link and simply follow the same steps.

Get To Know More About Camille the Steel Shadow

Meanwhile, learn a thing or two on how to play the latest Champion of "League of Legends" - Camille the Steel Shadow. Real Sport reported on Camille's gameplay, role and provided tips on how to play her in both Top Lane and Jungle.

On Monday, Riot Games released Camille the Steel Shadow as the latest Champion for the "League of Legends." Fans have been anticipating its release since the studio started testing the character on PBE (Public Beta Environment). The video below will give players a comprehensive tip on how to play Camille -- check it out!

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