‘Final Fantasy XV’ Latest News & Update: Conquering a Massive World Requires the Best Weapons; Locations Revealed! More Features & Gameplay Details

By Ritwik Roy , Updated Dec 14, 2016 08:33 AM EST

"Final Fantasy XV" is an incredibly enjoyable experience for both fans of the series and for those who are trying to experience "Final Fantasy" for the first time. With a massive world to explore, the game allows players to carve their own paths. The linear components push the players through the storyline later on in the game. But to make it truly memorable, players need the best weapons for post game bosses and challenges.

According to reports, the Soul Saber is perfect for those who are tired of the usual Great Swords. The one-handed weapon inflicts a lot of damage on enemies. Completing quests given by Randolph may win the player this weapon in "Final Fantasy XV." Players need to go all the way to the Cursed Legend to get the weapon. Battling a Level 85 enemy also produces this mighty weapon.

Balmung is undoubtedly one of the best swords in "Final Fantasy XV." It can even compete with the Ultimate Blade. Players need to visit Steyliff Grove Dungeon with Aranea at Chapter 7 though players need to return to Chapter to successfully acquire the weapon. Next they need to go to the second dungeon area behind the sealed door. Another weapon, the Death Penalty, can be obtained by clearing the game first.

The sword is located in the Balouve Mines but for that "Final Fantsy XV" players need to find the Dungeon Seal key and hold it. Once players discover the secret door, they need to be highly alert as a killer monster is right at the entrance. The Death Penalty inflicts a based damage of 424. This weapon is a must-have for hardcore fans as it comes packed with the ultimate features.

"Final Fantasy XV" fans feel incomplete without the Ultimate Blade weapon. There are three missions that players have to undergo and this they can do as early as Chapter 2. They need to go through the "A Better Engine Blade" quests along with Cid. One specific hunt needs to be completed too, writes Game Skinny.

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