'Bastion' Comes to Xbox One, A Great Surprise for XBox 360 Players In Store

By Kevin Panganiban , Updated Dec 14, 2016 07:23 PM EST

Although Supergiant Games are still working hard on "Pyre", it still didn't stop the company from releasing "Bastion". The game was initially released to be a part of Xbox 360's Summer of Arcade line-up, but it was recently announced that the game has been released to Xbox One, with a little twist for those who has it on Xbox 360.

Those that already bought "Bastion" for the Xbox 360 can actually get the XBox One upgraded version for no additional cost as long as the game will be downloaded between now and January 1, 2017. For those who weren't able to get it on 360 will have to purchase it for $14.99.

Supergiant Games also mentioned that "Bastion" won't be another backward compatible title. In fact, the game visuals have been developed to 1080p resolution, which is much higher compared to its previous 720p resolution. More achievements are also added to the gameplay which will make it more interesting to its players. In addition, the game also includes the Stranger's Dream downloadable game, which was not included in the original 360 version. 

"Bastion" still remains to be one of the most compelling adventure games in the market. In fact, it was able to maintain its fun factor even with its newest game version. The narrator adds flavor to the gameplay, which makes it stand out from all the other games released for the same genre. The game is fun to play with, and its beautiful isometric setting is up to par with the rest, Destructoid reported.

"Bastion" is was first released five years ago and earned more than 100 accolades and industry awards. The game was able to sell almost 4 million copies on various platforms and was able to exceed everyone's expectations. A new version will be released for Xbox One and will be free for a limited time until January 1, 2017.

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