‘Destiny 2’ Release Date, News & Update: September 2017 Launch, Significant Gameplay Changes Confirmed? Game Possibly Coming To PC

By Laine Lucas , Updated Dec 14, 2016 07:22 PM EST

"Destiny 2" has already been confirmed to be a 2017 release but developer Bungie has been reserved when it comes to details. The sequel to the 2014 released first-person shooter game is expected to have big changes to its gameplay and fans are excited about it.

For now, Bungie hasn't said anything official about "Destiny 2" release or gameplay but several media outlets have reported that the game should be ready by next year. An exact date has yet to be determined but it is speculated to be sometime in September 2017, since Destiny Year 4 starts in that month, GamesRadar reported.

As for gameplay, recent reports suggest that "Destiny 2" will start from scratch. According to previous reports, the game will be "totally new." For instance, players are expected to feel as if they've been to a completely new destination each time they visit an individual planet. On the planet, players will reportedly stumble upon outposts and towns that offer their unique storylines and missions, making the game feel more of a true MMORPG.

Given that the game is rumored to start from scratch, it would also mean that the Guardian from the original game cannot be taken to "Destiny 2." Character progression from the previous game will be useless in the next installment as players will need to start from the beginning. This piece of information was already reported in September but this has been recently reiterated.

Meanwhile, the console-exclusive "Destiny" might soon be available for PC. Apart from major gameplay changes, "Destiny 2" is also rumored to be playable on PC. This should be exciting news for fans of the franchise but until Bungie releases an official announcement, everything should be taken with a pinch of salt.

In the meantime, fans are currently enjoying "Destiny's" latest expansion, "Rise of Iron," which continues to receive updates. Hopefully, the game developer can keep fans interested in the DLC before "Destiny 2" becomes available.

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