'Metal Gear' Creator Hideo Kojima Tired Of Creating Games; 'Death Stranding' Is His Last Work; Wants Freedom From Sony & Gaming World?

By Danae Parker , Updated Dec 15, 2016 02:14 AM EST

The creator of "Metal Gear," Hideo Kojima is rumored to feel the tension and tiredness of being in the gaming industry. Rumors have surfaced that the successful creator of "Death Stranding" is bidding the gaming world goodbye.

There are also rumors coming about that Hideo Kojima wants out and request Sony to end the partnership that he had with them. Despite the rumors coming about, Hideo remains tight lipped on the rumors being linked to his name.

As for the speculation that Hideo Kojima is ending his legacy with "Death Stranding," that notion is also debunked since the "Metal Gear" creator has not confirmed any of these rumors to be true. As for the rumors that he wants freedom from Sony, that speculation is also debunked.

It seems that hearsays have followed Hideo Kojima in any given time. For one, according to GamenGuide, the gaming arena is presently filled with wonder as to the fate of these epic game segments and rumors have surfaced that Hideo Kojima will make some drastic changes to "Metal Gear," "Death Stranding" and "No Man's Sky," as he takes over the reigns of development.

Despite the rumors abounding, many speculations are still on the rise for Hideo Kojima and given the success that he has attained and his unique expertise, it is understandable why gaming companies would want him on board, reports the same post.

For the gaming enthusiasts, the "Metal Gear" creator Hideo Kojima is not yet done with the gaming world. Also, "Death Stranding" is just the beginning. More creations and surprises are expected to come from Hideo Kojima in the latter time.

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