Small Transparent Speaker Release Date, News & Update: Cheapest With Premium Audio Components And Built-In Amplifier; Wireless And Recyclable?

By Febe AF , Updated Dec 14, 2016 11:10 PM EST

A new small speaker is now leading its way to the market. The design team at People People based in Stockholm Sweden has just designed a very unique wireless speaker. It is in the form of a Small Transparent Speaker.

Back then in 2012 the latter's sister company chas already took the idea of a speaker to its most minimalist conclusion. The original Transparent Speaker has been going strong ever since. It is a glass-enclose speaker that lets users see exactly how its drivers were wired together to create a sound. The Transparent Speaker cost was $849.

Now, People People has introduced the Small Transparent Speaker. It also lets users to view its inner workings. It has been designed to make the device look great in any situation or environment. Unlike the Transparent Speaker, the small transparent speaker is constructed using a white powder that is coated with aluminum unibody frame.

Also as compared to the original Transparent speaker, the Small Transparent Speaker downgrades its sound from two 3-inch drivers and a subwoofer to a pair of 2.5-inch stereo drivers, which takes up lesser space, as The Verge reported. It also cost $250.

The team also explains that they have "worked tirelessly on every single detail to ensure aesthetic perfection" of the speaker before launch, as Geeky Gadgets further elaborated. Moreover, despite the smaller size it still has a big sound which can fill even a large room.

Best Features of Small Transparent Speaker

Some of their best features are amazing. It has built-in premium audio components. The "two-custom made 2.5 inch full range drivers will be able to deliver a crisp lifelike vocals, while the passive bass radiator gives a punch to any beat." It also has a built-in amplifier.

The Small Transparent speaker also has WiFi and Bluetooth that can easily let users send high-end audio. But above all else, this tiny speaker is recyclable.

It is made out of materials with an ability to be recycled to its same high quality over and over and is designed to allow the device for a complete disassembly.

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