‘The Voice’: Justin Bieber In Support For Billy Gilman — ‘Sorry Blake Shelton, I’m Team Adam’

By Surabhi Verma , Updated Dec 14, 2016 09:43 PM EST

"The Voice" and the list of your favorite contestants! Now, Justin Bieber has one too. The pop star took to Twitter on Dec. 12 and revealed something amazing, all related to his likes at "The Voice". To reveal that he's Team Blake all the way, and he's hoping Billy Gilman takes home the gold at the big finale.

Apparently Justin Bieber, 22, is a big fan of the star studded reality show! The "Sorry" singer took to Twitter before the first night of the big finale on Dec. 12 to let the world know that he's throwing his support firmly behind former child music prodigy Billy Gilman, 28. Baaang!! "Hey Blake...sorry. #teamadam. Good luck Billy," he tweeted on Dec. 12. Of course, Adam Levine is Billy's mentor while his buddy Blake Shelton is responsible for country crooner Sundance Head. Justin also revealed that he's a huge fan of Billy for the same reason everyone else is: they love a good comeback! He capped off the tweet with the hashtag "#comebackstory" to prove that he's fully invested in the season 11 of the show.

And so by now we have completely understood why Justin would be a big fan of Billy. Both Justin and Blake have a similar kind of a story. Both rose to fame at a young age. Justin was just 13 years old when Usher discovered him, and Billy was just 12 when his first single "One Voice" became Top 20 hit on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart in 2000. It is therefore evident that Justin completely understands the essence of being in the limelight, especially when one is as young as the two of them. Clearly, he just wants to see his comrade back again!

When Billy came to know about Justin's reaction, Billy got thrilled to hear that Justin is on his side. "No way!" he said afterwards. "I like him! I always liked him! Oh my God, Dude! I always loved that song, 'I just want somebody to love!' That is so cool, I am so humbled! That is crazy, that is an honor! That is pretty neat!" Awww..Good luck Billy!

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