‘MacBook Pro’ Latest News & Update: Apple Solves MacBook Pro Battery Problem (In An Unusual Way)?

By Jun Pasaylo , Updated Dec 14, 2016 08:54 PM EST

Apple has again come up with an unusual way of addressing problems on its device. As complaints mount on the battery life of 2016 MacBook Pro as indicated on its "time remaining" feature, Apple came up with the quickest, but perhaps not the brightest, solution - ditching away the battery life indicator in the latest MacOS Sierra (10.12.2) update.

This after a number of MacBook Pro owners complained that their device failed to deliver on the supposed 10-hour battery life. Some of them reported that MacBook Pro can hardly make it in six hours. But Apple said that the problem is not on their device but on the software used to calculate the remaining power charge. As a result, it removed the "time remaining" feature in the latest version of MacOS Sierra released on December 14.

These prompted MacBook Pro owners to criticize Apple for hiding the inaccurate figure instead of addressing it head-on. The Cupertino tech giant has remained silent on why it removed the feature, but experts believed that Apple is currently reworking on its accuracy. Instead of ditching the battery estimate features, experts said that Apple could have done better, saying that it would have been good if the company was able to trace the hardware that is draining the battery too quickly.

"Perhaps there are software fixes there too that would improve the power-efficiency of the machines. I certainly hope so. But in the meantime, more accurate estimates would at least mean we know what we're working with," said Ben Lovejoy, a British technology writer who works for 9to5Mac.

This is not the first time that the Cupertino giant provided an unusual solution to the problems and complaints on the device. In November, a report from Digital Journal revealed that Apple responded to complaints about the MacBook's lack of ports by slashing the prices of all its accessory dongles. Watch the launch video of the 2016 MacBook Pro here:

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