'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: A Guide In Capturing Rare Pokemon In Alola Region Including Happiny, Bagon & More

By Switchy Sam , Updated Dec 15, 2016 04:05 AM EST

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" players are finding ways to unlock secrets of the game. However, some player who finished it are planning to complete the list of their Pokedex. For some who wishes to complete or add some Pokemon to their list, rare Pokemons such as Happiny. Passimian, Munchlax, Bagon, Feebas, and more.

These Pokemon may look simple but it can cost players a lot of time if they do not know where to start. These Pokemon evolve into something great and will be an addition to the Pokedex. Alola region is wide and vast, which is the reason why trainers should scour every area to encounter these Pokemon.

Happiny and Munchlax

Catching Happiny is quite tricky because players need to encounter a Pokemon like Igglybuff and some Pokemon like Bonsly in Route 1. Despite Munchlax being encountered early in the game, Happiny is quite the tricky one to catch because of the steps players need to make sure. First, players need to make sure that the Pokemon must call for help and players should do the same steps without killing the Pokemon until Happiny appears in "Pokemon Sun and Moon."


Just use a fishing rod at Brooklet Hill and find something that is bubbling on the water. Cast it and wait until there is a bite. Do this until you encounter Feebas in "Pokemon Sun and Moon."

Passimian/Oranguru and Bagon

Passimian or Oranguru can be encountered in the Lush Jungle. However, the versions of the game affects which one player will encounter. Oranguru is on "Pokemon Moon" and Passimian is on "Pokemon Sun."

Now, for Bagon, this Pokemon can be encountered on Route 3 where a single patch of grass is located. Patience is required with this Pokemon because of its low encounter rate, but the efforts will be paid off once encountered and caught because players can evolve it into a Salamence, which is a quite strong dragon-type.

Vulpix and Sandshrew

Lastly, Vulpix in "Pokemon Sun" and Sandshrew in "Pokemon Moon" can be encountered early game in Tapu village. Stay tuned to Game & Guide for more "Pokemon Sun and Moon" cheats, tips & tricks!

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