‘Pokemon Red and Blue’ VS ‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’: The Old Legendary Comes Back in A New-Released Game as An Opponent!

By Muhammad Firman Akhsanu Ridho , Updated Dec 14, 2016 07:37 PM EST

The game "Pokemon Red and Blue" are back in "Pokémon Sun and Moon," the new games of the series for Nintendo 3DS. Legendary coaches return to challenge players before the Battle Tree, a place to test their abilities and the ability of their Pokémon in combat. However, players have to meet some requirements to find them.

Players must first complete the main story in "Pokémon Sun and Moon." That is, access to Battle Tree will only become available after players become the champion of Alola. Battle Tree is a site similar to the Battle Tower and Battle Subway of previous games, in which, players will find strong trainers who have already completed the island's challenge.

There are some steps to find the two coaches and choose who players want to battle with to Battle with "Pokemon Red and Blue." First of all, Finish the main story and go to Poni Island. Then, players should pass through Poni Plains and then enter Poni Gauntlet in "Pokemon Sun and Moon".

Head north until players find the Battle Tree entrance. Yet, before players can enter, players must defeat Red or Blue in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" games. Choose which coach players want to fight.

Pokemon Red consists of Red Pikachu - Level 70, Charizard - Level 70. Snorlax - Level 65, Lapras - Level 65, Blastoise - Level 66, and Venusaur - Level 66. Pokemon Blue, in the other hand, consists of: Alakazam - Level 65, Aerodactyl - Level 65, Arcanine - Level 65, Gyarados - Level 65, Machamp - Level 65, and Exeggutor - Level 65. Those Red and Blue Pokemon doesn't exist separately. Yet, they are included in the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" game package. The existence of Red and Blue, furthermore, also has purpose to remind the players that before Pokemon game is popular in gadget and PlayStation 4, it once exits in old consoles.

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