'Stranger Things' Season 2 Questions, Predictions: What You Need To Know

By Mardielyn , Updated Dec 14, 2016 09:37 PM EST

There are many questions that fans are dying to know the answers but since "Stranger Things" Season 2 will not be released until 2017, we are left but to think about the possible things that might happen when the series comes back in Netflix.

Based on the theories that fans are compiling for "Stranger Things" Season 2, there are speculations that we can consider as a possible plot for the sequel. Why the Demogorgon killed Barb and not Will? Is Hopper somewhat connected to Brenner or to those people behind the experiment? Who is Eleven? What happened to Will and will happen to him now? What's up with the bike buddies Mike, Lucas, and Dustin?

Why the Demogorgon Killed Barb and Not Will?

This same question was asked on The Verge website and same as theirs, we are also left thinking why Barb met a bad fate while Will, though he's in a bad shape, is still alive? What's going on? What will happen to this character in "Stranger Things" Season 2?

Here's the possible answer, it's either the show don't need her anymore or the showrunners are planning something big for her character in "Stranger Things" Season 2. Look, they cannot possibly let her stay in that state, that will be heartbreaking, REALLY heartbreaking not just for Nancy but also for the fans.

One thing that might happen in "Stranger Things" Season 2 is the bike buddies or someone or group of people will find her body or they turn her into something else, a monster or a baby mama for Demogorgon babies.

Is Hopper Somewhat Connected to Brenner or to Those People Behind the Experiment?

The answer is..maybe. We saw Hopper hopped into a car with Brenner's buddies so it is safe to say that MAYBE he is somewhat connected or will be connected to the experiment. In the end of season 1, we saw him leaving Eleven's favorite waffle in a snowy weather somewhere out there in the woods so maybe there's something he and Brenner (if he's still alive) talked about and it involves the Upside Down world and the wonder kid.

Who is Eleven?

Until now, it is still unclear who's really Eleven.Though it seems like the showrunners are giving the fans hints one step at a time, it seems like it still not enough clues to fully uncover the girl's secret. One theory says that maybe she's Hopper's daughter or maybe she is somewhat connected to her. Others are convinced that she's not Brenner's daughter at all. Who's in their right mind sacrifice his daughter for an unsure and dangerous experiment?

After all these theories, one thing is for sure about Eleven. The people behind the experiment has something to do with what's happening to her. She seems to be just an ordinary girl before but because of the ongoing training for her and for her abilities, she transformed into something really unusual for another human being.

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