'Jessica Jones Season 2' Release Date, Plot, Spoilers, Characters: Everything You Need To Know

By zekiah , Updated Dec 15, 2016 07:52 PM EST

Now that the release of Jessica Jones Season 2 looks to be far off, there are still bits of information spreading as fans wait for the next season. Here are some of the information you need to know if you plan on watching Jessica Jones season 2.

With the Marvel Studios now expanding to create a new shared universe on TV, Jessica Jones Season 2 would now have to stand in line. This year saw the premiere of Luke Cage and Daredevil season 2. After that, comes Iron Fist and The Defenders. It seems that for Jessica Jones season 2 will probably air after those shows which would mean a late 2017 release at the earliest. And since Marvel Studios has a lot of projects on their plate, as of now, no official release date was announced for Jessica Jones Season 2.

Jessica's powers have always been a mystery for the show. Every superhero movie needs an origin story to explain how they got their powers. Jessica Jones didn't start with an introduction on her origins and powers but rather explained her backstory through flashbacks over the course of the season. But one plot thread that was left hanging was the IGH organization. IGH was responsible for shouldering Jessica Jones' hospital fees for the car accident. Its still unknown if the organization is behind the accident or Jessica's powers. Maybe Jessica Jones Season 2 might give a better answer.

Killgrave was the only villain for the first season and was killed by Jessica Jones. But with comic book characters, anyone can be brought back to life and Killgrave is no exception. Its known that Killgrave caused Jessica Jone's PTSD, haunting her with the traumatic incident in Jessica's past. PTSD isn't just any disease that's easily curable so expect Jessica to still feel the effects of the disease. In that case, Killgrave could still make an appearance on Jessica Jones season 2 as a memory that could still haunt Jessica.

Other characters like Trish Walker could also change on Jessica Jones Season 2. Comic book fans know that Trish Walker fights crime as Hellcat and with Racheal Taylor expressing interest in the character, there's a chance Jessica Jones gets a new sidekick.

Luke Cage played a major role in Jessica Jones season 1 as a romantic interest. But with his now that he has his own show, we might not see Luke Cage on Jessica Jones season 2 that much.

The first season of Jessica Jones was well received and fans should also rejoice as Melissa Rosenberg will still serve as the showrunner for Jessica Jones season 2. Lets just hope that they don't make the fans wait too long.

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