MacBook Pro 2017 Latest News & Update: Microsoft Trade-In Program Stealing Thunder Of Disappointing Apple Laptop

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Dec 15, 2016 06:14 AM EST

The verdict on whether the MacBrook Pro 2017 continues, varying on what end-users are looking for. Some have lashed out at the specs, particularly on the Intel Skylake processor and the 16 GB RAM limit meant for energy-efficiency.

Compounding the woes of the MacBook Pro 2016 are the battery and graphical display-related problems coming out recently. That said, one has to wonder how the Apple notebook has been performing and if the consumer market has the patience to wait for the next version.

The word out is that Apple may be releasing a MacBook Pro 2017 with Intel Kaby Lake inside. A lot of this depends on whether Intel is able to deliver the chipsets for the next batch of devices. With no timetable and the wait, Microsoft has reportedly taken advantage.

Microsoft has a trade-in program for the Surface Pro and the promo has been gaining ground the past weeks. The word out is that some folks have taken up the Redmond company on the offer, Microsoft reported.

The MacBook Pro 2016 leaves a lot to be desired and such is not limited to the power limits it has to offer. Other complaints include the interface ports which many feel is a way to ramp up sales for compatible adapter for the Apple notebook.

Actual numbers could give most a better view on how bad the MacBook Pro 2016 is faltering, something Apple is most likely to deny. Just the same, the issues tied up to the features and performance speak loud and clear on what the Cupertino company has to do to improve the latest notebook offer.

As mentioned in a previous post, Apple has started to address the problems. One includes a fix for the graphic display problem via macOS Sierra 10.2.2 route. With regards to the battery problem, the Cupertino company has yet to figure out the mess, claiming that they could not find the root cause of the drain, Apple Insider reported.

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