iPad Pro 2 Release Date, Latest News & Update: Apple May Be Forced to Power Up To A11x Chip For Power-Hungry Market

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Dec 15, 2016 06:13 AM EST

The new breed of iPad Pro 2 for 2017 is highly anticipated though there could be slight changes from within. Apple is believed to be arming the next tablet line with an A10 chipset but the power requirements it may need could fall short.

A clear example would be the specs dished in a previous post. It was mentioned there that there is a possibility that that iPad Pro 2 could turn to OLED displays. This possibility grows all the more should the Cupertino company decide to debut the tablet alongside a redesigned iPhone 8.

Should that be the case, the iPad Pro 2 will need all the power it can get to account for a properly performing tablet for the market. The A10 chip has lagged for the iPhone 7, allegedly worse than an Intel M3 chip when multi-core processing is used as a basis, per reports.

If an A10 chip flickers for the iPhone, one can just imagine its impact on the iPad Pro 2. A poor-performing tablet in 2017 could render dire consequence, turning off customers in the same way that the MacBook Pro 2016 has so far endured.

Using an A11 chip instead could help, something pegged to deliver massive power boost for the iPad Pro 2. If not, Apple could end up tweaking internal components to make sure that the next tablet does not fall short of functionality and performance when it does hit the market.

Adding pressure to the iPad Pro 2 is the Microsoft Surface Pro. The flexible device has been stealing some of Apple’s thunder with the MacBook Pro 2016. If the Cupertino is not careful, it could lose some of its tablet buyers as well to the flexible laplet solution.

Other features the iPad Pro 2 will have to offer to include a 12 MP main camera, Touch ID support and added interface with an improved Apple Pencil. The home button and 3.5 mm jacks will reportedly be taken out, modifications already seen on the iPhone 7.

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