'Vikings Season 4 Episode 14' Spoilers Rumors And Updates: Ragnar Is Executed, Lagertha Becomes Queen, Rollo A Viking Once Again

By zekiah , Updated Dec 15, 2016 07:48 PM EST

The last episode of Vikings ended with a lot of questions for the main characters. Ragnar has returned to Wessex, although not everyone is happy to see him. Rollo is once again a Viking with his 'rebirth'. Now Lagertha has successfully captured Kattegat and will soon meet Queen Aslaug. Now judging from the promo for "Vikings Season 4 Episode 14", it looks like there's a lot in store for these characters.

Ragnar is seeking revenge for the massacre of his settlement in Wessex and has now arrived at the kingdom. But judging from the teaser, Ragnar is in serious troble. He is seen captured and imprisoned in a cage and is talking with King Ecbert. King Ecbert declares Ragnar as the most dangerous man alive and it looks like death is inevitable for the once great Viking. History suggests that Ragnar is killed by execution in a pit of snakes. Meanwhile Ivar isn't pleased with what's happening to his father. Expect him to avenge Ragnar in his own unique way on "Vikings Season 4 Episode 14". Ivar may be a cripple, but he's the most and cunning and ruthless of all.

Bjorn's journey to the Roman Empire has once again lead him back to France to meet with his double-crossing uncle Rollo. Bjorn asks safe passage of the coast leading to the Roman Empire. His uncle Rollo agrees with the condition of him joining Bjorn on the voyage. Bjorn's crew still doesn't trust Rollo but was eventually welcomed back when Bjorn changed his mind to the dismay of Floki. With this Rollo has left his life in France to be where he feels he belongs. And although Rollo has double crossed the Vikings several times in the past, this one looks the real thing since Rollo still chose to be a Viking despite being a duke and living in royalty. Rollo should prove to be a worthy ally for Bjorn in "Vikings Season 4 Episode 14". But things wont be the same for Rollo back in France as his wife has said.

Back in Kattegat, Lagertha has successfully captured her former home with the intent of becoming a queen again. The promo shows that Aslaug has willingly given up the crown and the "heart" that Lagertha asks. But knowing Vikings, not everything will go as smoothly for the Lagertha. We still don't know how Ubbe and Sigurd will react after this knowing that their mother was overthrown. Expect the brothers to escape and avenge their mother "Vikings Season 4 Episode 14"

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