‘Pokemon Sun’ and ‘Pokemon Moon’ Latest News & Update: Have An Incredible Look In Unreal Engine 4

By Jyotirupa Sarma , Updated Dec 15, 2016 03:54 AM EST

Unreal Engine 4 makes everything look fantastic. Now "Pokémon Sun" and "Pokemon Moon" have got that stunning look. Thanks to a fan who made a video in which one can see Incineroar and Salazzle fighting each other. This has given birth to a future probability.

The video is of 2-minute duration and fans can see Pokémon Incineroar and Salazzle battling in a breezy grassy field. The YouTuber CryZenx made a simple animation test which shows Incineroar and Salazzle preparing for battle but they are not fighting in the video. Although it has some lighting and shadow issues, the sample animation test is a solid concept, noted Nerdist.

A post on CryZenX's Facebook page also stated about Nintendo Switch's ability to run Unreal Engine 4 which means there is a possibility in future that the Pokemon game would look as fantastic as the video created by the YouTuber.

Moreover, conjectures were made that "Pokemon sun" and "Pokemon Moon" will be launched in a third generation 7 game. It was speculated that the game will be titled as "Pokemon Stars". "Stars" was also believed to be launched after 2017 summer. The console for "Pokémon Stars" was rumored to be Nintendo Switch. The reports also claimed that stars will have the same game world and location as "Pokemon sun" and "Pokemon Moon". But it would be built using different higher resolution assets.

In October, it was also confirmed that Nintendo Switch will support Unreal Engine 4. So if the rumors become truth then fans will be able to experience "Pokemon Sun" and "Pokemon Moon" characters as showed in the video.

However, According to Gamespot, as "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" has already got a modernized but highly stylized look, Nintendo might not opt for something as modern as the animation test is depicting.

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