Virtual Reality Gaming Latest News & Update: Could This New Gaming Technology Kill People?

By Gloven Ramos , Updated Dec 15, 2016 08:57 AM EST

Virtual Reality gaming kit is the new trend right now. People are very fascinated by this new gaming technology, but does this new technology have dangerous effects on a player's health?

With its amazing features, Virtual Reality gaming kit seems to bring players to another world. Almost all people love to experience this kind of gaming. Unfortunately, accidents are reportedly occurring with some people playing this kit. According to CNET report, the Virtual Reality gaming is amazing, but it isn't safe at all. It isn't easy and with the complicated hardware being released, it could end up being a nightmare in the wrong hands.

The dangers in Virtual Reality gaming are very obvious. While the headset is on your head, you will lose your awareness into your surroundings and it may cause you a dangerous accident, which could be fatal.

While playing this hardware, you can't see anything around you, including your TV, your family and everything around you. Motion-sensing Virtual Reality systems like the Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR and HTC Vive involve standing, swinging your arms, ducking and even briefly walking, all with a headset on your head that blocks vision and sound.

Virtual Reality gaming can make people sick. Players feel dizzy and sick every time they tried early VR hardware. The gaming kit actually have safety manuals and it recommend taking breaks frequently. In a report by Vice, Virtual reality removes these immersion-breakers in your peripheral vision. VR is an isolating experience where the user or player trades the focus of their eyes and ears in a simulated world removed from our own.

Having a Virtual Reality screen inches from your eyes all the time is commonly known as very dangerous thing. Healthcare professionals don't tend to like the idea of suspending a display an inch or so from your face for hours. Many dangers and accidents may happen while using the Virtual Reality gaming kit. It is very amazing to use though, but it is highly recommended to put your safety first. VR gaming is good if it is used moderately.

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