ATP News & Update: Nick Kyrgios Indeed A Wasted Talent

By Noboru Wataya , Updated Dec 15, 2016 01:49 AM EST

Nick Kyrgios is a talented youngster. There's no denying that. However, being talented and great is two different words. To become great especially in the sport of tennis, one must put up the work and push himself to the limit. Kyrgios doesn't want a part of that apparently.

ESPN tennis writer Peter Bodo explained why a prodigy like Kyrgios will never reach the top of the sport, despite the arsenal he possessed. Bodo believes what's preventing Kyrgios from being great is his shallow desire to be great. That simple!

"That might represent a breathtaking global vision, but it's unlikely anyone with that attitude is getting anywhere near the summit of the game. Besides, while Kyrgios' résumé is excellent, it isn't exactly mind-blowing. He's earned three career titles thus far, all last year. But he's never won a Masters 1000 or been past the quarterfinals at a Grand Slam.

Heaping scorn on Kyrgios, while tempting, is too easy. Any hopes that his talent and behavior will be channeled into the conventional conduits are fading."

None other than Rafael Nadal, a 14-time Grand Slam winner and one of the greatest in the game, notices Kyrgios' overflowing potential. Then again, Kyrgios dismissed such notion for the reasons that he thinks he's just wasted potential.

Bodo on Kyrgios' wasted talent:

"The game could really use an infusion of the youthful exuberance and charisma he's shown at the best of times, but right now, the only reliable talent Kyrgios has is for sparking controversy. It something the wildly talented, basketball-obsessed native of Canberra, Australia, has become expert at.

"He's a mercurial, riveting showman; his penchant for stepping over the line is as powerful as his urge to hit for the lines. He charms fans, but he also curses and bickers with them and officials. He also seems to disregard the basic conventions of his profession."

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