How To Get The Galaxy Sword, The Strongest Weapon, In 'Stardew Valley' Through Mining Prismatic Shard

By Switchy Sam , Updated Dec 15, 2016 06:22 AM EST

"Stardew Valley" is the game released by ConcernedApe and hit millions of copies. The game is much like Harvest Moon, the famous game from Marvelous.

Now, players are farming and mining here and there, and the best thing about this game is that it does not only contain farming, mining, fishing, and taking care of livestock, but it also has a simple battle system. Talking about battle systems, the monsters are inside caves and mines, which is why players should be prepared to face it with their weapons and best acquired equipments.

Prismatic Shard and its importance

Prismatic Shard is the rainbow colored, rounded square item that is rare and hard to find. This shard is actually one of the important items in "Stardew Valley" because it can be transformed into something most useful. Prismatic Shard can be randomly obtained from Gem stone ores, Iridium deposits, or from breaking an Omni Geode with the help of the town's blacksmith. Once obtained, players are now ready for the next step to obtain the most powerful weapon in the game----the Galaxy Sword.

Galaxy Sword and its status compared to other weapons

Galaxy Sword is easy to obtain once the player acquires a Prismatic Shard in "Stardew Valley." However, the sword can only be obtained in Calico Desert, which also requires the bus to be fixed. To simply fix the bus, players are required a total of 30K gold and buy all the bundles in the abandoned town hall or center. Once all bought, the finance office or room in the town hall/center, will be fixed. During the night, the broken bus will be fixed by the "Junimos," the small critters that helps players if helped in return as well.

Finally, straight to Calico Desert and stand in the center of the strange structure that looks like a tesla coil while holding the Prismatic Shard. After that, an animation will start and you obtain the Galaxy Sword in your hands----with 60 to 80 damage and 4 speed. Amazing, isn't it?

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