'Stardew Valley' Guide & TIp: Ways To Find Iridium Ore, The Rarest Ore In Game & Tips In Mining It

By Switchy Sam , Updated Dec 15, 2016 05:49 AM EST

Iridium ores are the rarest ores that appear in "Stardew Valley." Once players find thee ores or even processed Iridium bars, it should be kept right away because numerous useful items and apparatus can be made using these ores. Iridium ore is one of the most useful resource and material in the game because of the craftable items from it such as the Iridium sprinklers that automatically waters the players crops in the morning.

Aside from watering the crops one by one using a watering can, these sprinklers will do the job. However, obtaining these ores is not easy.

Frequently visit the Quarry and look for Iridium deposits and geodes

There are three ways that players can obtain Iridium ores in "Stardew Valley." Here are the following: first, iridium ores can be obtained in mines such as the deeper levels.

However, the number is scarce and player should look for another source. Second, another source would be in the quarry. Make sure to clear up the stones and for another ores that might spawn each day, Wait for a few days then go back to the quarry and players may find an Iridium deposit. Lastly, Iridium ores can be obtained through geodes, most specifically Omni Geodes. Gather a lot of these geodes and you have a chance to get 3 or more.

The easiest yet risky way of getting Iridium ores

Doing it the risky way always pays of in the end in "Stardew Valley." To obtain numerous deposits of Iridium ores, players should head to Calico Desert, considering they already unlocked the mine inside the cave, and head to that mine.

Before doing that, they must stack numerous food, supplies, organize inventory, equip the best armor and rings, craft a lot of stairs. The reason for the stairs is that if brings players down the mine easier. Should they find a hole, players should jump right in to skip a deeper level. Once players reach about level 60 and above, Iridium deposits start to appear. Happy mining, farmers!

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