Nintendo Update: Unfinished Game Boy Game Based on Old Animé 'Akira' Has Surfaced

By Flo Maxino , Updated Dec 15, 2016 07:50 AM EST

A Nintendo Game Boy Game based on the 1998 anime movie, Akira, surfaced and the geeks are rejoicing. The Game, however, is still unfinished.

Akira is known as one of the memorable anime films due to its odd plot and its creative animations during the time of its release. It gained a lot of controversy and suddenly people took notice of it. Due to its swift popularity, other companies want to tie-in with this mind-boggling film. One of such companies is Famicom (Family Computer). It is the equivalent to the Nintendo Entertainment System. It would have moved to the Game Boy if there were not any complications.

However, what people didn't know was that there were plans made of a game based on Akira. These game plans were supposedly developed for the Sega CD, SNES, Game Gear, Genesis, and the portable Game Boy. Nintendo was planning on making games based on this popular anime. Because of such complications, these games were unfinished. They were not supposed to be leaked out until now.

A YouTuber, Patrick Scott Patterson, came across these unfinished Akira games. They came in those classic Game Boy cartridges. There were four of them and upon further investigation, he found out that they were unfinished. Nintendo would have had a lot of success with these games had they got that tie-in with the film.

Unfortunately, since the game is unfinished, there are tons of glitches and wrong commands. Some of the games were not even playable. It has intros and platform games that are impossible to beat as there are no testers nor has it been properly made. In other instances, the Game Boy control buttons also have issues for the game. According to Patterson, there is one game where the "down" controls make the character kick instead of crouch or go down, as is what it is commanded to do. The up button is no exception as the character punches instead of going up. The only consolation you'll get is the cinematography in the introductory videos of the Animé Akira.

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