David Beckham's 11 Year Old Son Is Giving Away All Of His Song's Proceeds To Charity

By Sunidhi , Updated Dec 15, 2016 11:21 AM EST

David Beckham's 11 year old son Cruz Beckham is making his parents proud. Cruz is releasing his new single "If Everyday Was Christmas" as a charity song. Curz has learnt to give back at such a small age. David said on this topic "He came to us five weeks ago, and we realized that he has a cute little voice - a good little voice - and a passion."

He said  'You know, why don't I do a Christmas song? Why don't I, you know, do a Christmas song and give the-the funds to a charity of his choice?' And we said, 'Great. Great idea'"David told that his wife will not be joining his son, by saying "Oh, I don't know about that. You'd have to ask Victoria," he told ET. "I doubt, I doubt that. I'd love to see it, but I'm not sure it's gonna happen."Both the parents- David Beckham and Victoria Beckham seem to be very happy regarding their son taking his first big steps in the direction of singing.

Previously Cruz did a cover for Justin Bieber's  "Home To Mama" and proved that he has got really good skills. This was promoted by Victoria Beckham on Twitter. She once shared a video on Instagram in which Cruz was singing Twista and Faith Evans' song 'Hopeful'. He really do have a very good voice. Scooter Braun was the one who signed him. Previously Scooter signed Justin Bieber after discovering him at just an age of 13.

David Beckham shared Cruz's picture holding a microphone at producer Rodney Jerkins' studio. He captioned it as '@rodneyjerkins'.Jerkins is the producer behind superstars such as Bieber, Jennifer Lopez, and the Spice Girls.' Beckham's elder sons Romeo and Brooklyn made their career in modelling. The 17 year old Romeo is into photography too. Brooklyn is 14 year old. We can conclude easily that Cruze's parents are supporting him whole heartedly and are very happy for him. Well we hope that he becomes a big singing sensation in the future.  

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