‘World Of Warcraft’ News And Update: Expect Major Balance Changes For Legendary Items

By James Ryan Morales , Updated Dec 15, 2016 09:12 AM EST

'World Of Warcraft" News and Updates: According to Blizzard Entertainment, they will be implementing a major balance change regarding the legendary items so as to make the game fair for everyone.

The problem exists as some players believe that having the "unlucky" item can give lots of disadvantages, while having those "lucky" items can put others at an advantage. 'World Of Warcraft" developers needed to implement adjustments to keep the balance in the game.

Among the predominant factors in having the apex of the character's potential in 'World of Warcraft' is by obtaining the best Legendary there is, and having a pretty "lucky" item for that Legendary will definitely make wonders for the player receiving it.

As reported by iTechPost, Lore, the 'World of Warcraft' community manager said: "As we mentioned this during the live Q&A last week, we feel the biggest shortcoming of the current Legendary system is that, for some specs, there are some items that are clearly better than others in nearly all situations. As a result, players have received a different Legendary item feel unlucky, as they didn't receive the "best" one."

But why the worry? Many players of 'World of Warcraft' feels that there are items that can perform better than the others in almost every situation. Therefore, those who receive the "unlucky" items feels inferior, and the balance in the game is not implemented. So developers decided to provide a boost in overall performance for some Legendary items, while they will try to buff other situational Legendaries to make them useful on certain situations.

Therefore, 'World of Warcraft" can expect a major balance change in the game. This is believed to implement fairness in overall gaming experience, so that everyone can enjoy the game without the feelings of inferiority or superiority just because of the "luck" factor regarding the Legendaries.

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