‘Supernatural’ Season 12 Episode 9 Air Date, Spoilers, News & Update: Mary Saves Sam, Dean; The Devil’s Child A Threat? More Details

By Mark Jason Alcala , Updated Dec 15, 2016 07:16 PM EST

"Supernatural" Season 12 episode 9 air date will not happen today, December 15, 2016. For those who might have gotten used to its Thursday schedule, please be informed that no episode will be airing this week as the show is on its winter break.

After a long winter break, "Supernatural" Season 12 episode 9, the midseason premiere, will resume airing next year. The second half of the series' twelfth season will start on January 26, 2017 occupying The CW Network's 8 p.m. ET spot. For those who want to have some idea on what to expect from the series when it airs next year, here are some details to ponder on during the long winter wait.

How Will Sam And Dean Be Rescued?

The previous episode did not end well for the Winchester brothers Sam and Dean as Lucifer is particularly tricky to capture. This time, he opted to inhabit the body of the President of the United States Jefferson Rooney. Not a bad choice really, as his choice of vessel is the reason why Sam and Dean will be in the mess they will be in when "Supernatural" Season 12 episode 9 release date arrives next year.

To cut the long story short, yes, the team was able to lock Lucifer with the help of Castiel, Crowley and his mother Rowena. But their problems doesn't end there as they are not charged with treason, a problem they have to somehow deal with in the coming "Supernatural" Season 12 episode 9.

Thankfully, showrunner Andrew Dabb told Entertainment Weekly that Mary will be taking a more proactive role in upcoming episodes. And oh, he also let out that Mary Winchester will indeed be back on "Supernatural" Season 12 episode 9. Put two and two together, it is probably a safe bet that Mary will be rescuing her sons in the coming midseason premiere, not a particularly easy task as her sons would surely be in an undisclosed location. But some form of supernatural help is to be expected to smooth things out a bit.

Will Lucifer's Son Be A Threat?

Meanwhile, some "Supernatural" Season 12 Episode 9 spoilers and speculation that Lucifer's threat may not be over yet. In the last episode, Lucifer as the POTUS managed to impregnate his mistress with his seed. However, both the mother and the baby managed to escape in the finale. Will the Devil's spawn become another threat?


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