‘Soulcalibur 6’ Release Date, News & Update: ‘Soulcalibur’ 20th Anniversary Prepares For ‘Soulcalibur V Sequel? Possible Xbox One, PS4 Exclusive Guests Revealed

By Laine Lucas , Updated Dec 15, 2016 07:14 PM EST

Bandai Namco's "Soulcalibur" game franchise is celebrating its 20th year anniversary next week and fans can't just shake off the feeling that a "Soulcalibur VI" announcement is just around the corner. Fans of the fighting game have been waiting for almost four years for the sequel to "Soul Calibur V," but Bandai Namco hasn't confirmed this yet. Nevertheless, there have been speculations as to what "Soulcalibur 6" can offer.

A previous report from GamenGuide shared some of the characters, both new and returning, that are predicted to be part of "Soulcalibur 6." The list doesn't end there as speculations, courtesy of DisneyBrony2012, suggest that "Soulcalibur VI" could have characters that are exclusive only to consoles. It is said that Black Orchid will be exclusive only to Xbox One while Kratos will be a guest for PlayStation 4.

Black Orchid appears in the "Killer Instinct" fighting game series. She had fought "Soulcalibur's" Ivy Valentine in the 29th episode of Death Battle. Orchid is a secret agent working for an international agent focused on vigilante-related missions. On the other hand, Kratos, son of Zeus and Callisto, is the protagonist of the game series, "God of War." The character made an appearance in "Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny." What else should we expect in "Soulcalibur 6"?

For now, nothing about "Soulcalibur 6" gameplay, release date and other details have been confirmed by Bandai Namco. However, fans strongly believe that the game should be out soon. As previously reported, the developer might focus on the "Soulcalibur" franchise once "Tekken 7: Fated Retribution" arrives. "Fated Retribution" is expected to hit consoles in early 2017 and rumors are rife that "Soulcalibur" will release shortly after.

In addition, there was compelling evidence that "Soulcalibur 6" is happening soon. Last year, co-developer Project Soul encouraged vans to vote for characters that they want to see in the game. Fans quickly took this as a hint that Project Soul and Bandai Namco is cooking up something big. For now, fans can only hope that all speculations about "Soulcalibur's" existence will turn out to be true.

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