'The Elder Scrolls Online' News & Updates: The New Life Festival Holiday Event Awards EXP Bonuses And Special Quests!

By Joe Marsalis , Updated Dec 15, 2016 07:27 PM EST

Anyone familiar with playing MMORPGs knows that special annual events coinciding with real-life holidays are always a thing in games. The usual holidays translated to MMORPGs are Halloween, the New Year, and Christmas. Of course, even with its extensive world, "The Elder Scrolls Online" has to model some of its in-game events after real holidays, such as the New Life Festival this month.

This version of Christmas (or Hanukkah, if you're not Christian) in "The Elder Scrolls Online" is, as per usual for events like this, a time where you can get special bonuses. Other than the special event-only daily quests that one can get playing in the New Life Festival, there are also unique items to be achieved in doing these, reports GameSpot.

To start the special New Life Festival quests in "The Elder Scrolls Online," just go to Windhelm and speak with the NPC Breda. She will give you the New Life Festival quest, after which you'll get one of nine different daily quests, which is assigned to a specific zone, based on the different races of Tamriel. After completing each of the nine quests, you'll get the New Life Gift Box every time. The New Life Gift Box contains a Wolfsbane incense Skinchanger, a special New Life-themed item, a random crafting material, and either a New Life recipe, a chapter of the Skinchanger Motif, or another New Life item. Completing all nine quests will earn a New Life Cerulean dye, an achievement, and the Magnanimous title.

Of course, the New Life Festival also rewards double EXP, as mentioned, but only if you drink Breda's Magnificent Mead in a keg near her spot in Windhelm. The double EXP period lasts two hours. The New Life Festival runs all month until the morning of January 4. For more information on "The Elder Scrolls Online"'s New Life Festival, check out their official website.

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