Bones Season 12 Spoilers And Updates: Zack's True Motives?, Hodgins Walks?, Betty White Returns

By zekiah , Updated Dec 15, 2016 07:53 PM EST

Bones wil be airing its final season this January 2017. And with how season 11 ended with a huge cliffhanger, fans are now in a frenzy knowing that their questions will soon be answered.

And from the teasers and little details gathered, it looks like Bones Season 12 will be a big season.

Bones season 11 ended with a big reveal of Zack Addy as the kidnapper of Brennan. Zack hasn't been seen since the early seasons of the show when he was framed for a murder. His sudden reveal was huge shock for fans and in which his long absence certainly helped. But with the long absence comes with huge questions. Now that Zack has returned, what are his motives on Bones Season 12?

The kidnapping has implications to the puppeteer serial killer who has been stalking the team for the latter half of the season. Now Zack has Brennan and no one knows where they are. Actor Eric Millegan has said that more will be revealed regarding Zack Addy. He says that the 1st episode of Bones Season 12 will answer everything. And according to him, he might not actually be the villain. In fact one of the writers said Zack can't be killer but shoud be a hero. So the question now is, is Zack actually saving Brennan?

The last episode of Bones season 11 provided a small sign of hope for Hodgins as he experienced spasms in his leg. That led him to believe that he was regaining feeling in the lower half of his body. But unfortunately, that hope would prove to be false. The doctor who was prescribing Hodgins' miracle regimen is not who Hodgins thought he was at all. This means that the all of Hodgin's progress is put to waste. It would seem unlikely for Hodgins to walk again on Bones season 12.

Meanwhile, Betty White who guest starred as Dr. Beth Mayer last season will also be reprising her role on Bones season 11. She will appear in the tenth episode of that season. With a career that spanned 7 decades and is a multiple Emmy wining actress, Betty White will surely boost Bones season 12.

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