'Final Fantasy XV' Latest News & Update: Update on Chapter 13, New Characters, Adding Playable Characters, & More

By Caroline , Updated Dec 17, 2016 09:45 AM EST

"Final Fantasy", one of the world's phenomenal saga, is about to give fans the best Christmas gift! Hajime Tabata, "Final Fantasy XV" Director, has shared about the recent updates for Square Enix that would delight the fans even more. This includes the brand's short, middle, and long-term goals about producing more content that would improve the experience during gameplay.

According to Neogaf, some of the updates are based on the player's request. This only shows how the people behind "Final Fantasy" are genuine when it comes to valuing their fans.

But before anything else, let's go back to the basics.

For the benefit of those who've heard of this game for the first time, have only a few details about it, or just trying to refresh their memory, "Final Fantasy" is a story of a spoiled prince who, after being cut off from his privileges and went on a difficult journey, is returning to get this throne back.

So, what are these goals about?

Short-term Goals

iDigitalTimes shared some of the goals of "Final Fantasy XV" and one of which is the short-term goal of updating the adventure of Chapter 13's gameplay. Improvements have taken place start achieving the goal and this includes the increase of the ring's magic power.

Mid-term Goals

The second goal is to improve the level of the story's experience by updating the second half of the game. Adding event scenes and voice responses are just some parts of their efforts. However, no further details were given and the brand says that they will announce more once it's all settled.

Long-term Goals

And finally, the team behind Final Fantasy XV has shared about the possibility of working on with the existing characters from the main game and use them as playable characters. They are also considering about having an avatar system to produce original characters. Furthermore, the team promises to for continuous update so gamers can fully take advantage of "Final Fantasy XV" longer.

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