How To Return Yor Samsung Galaxy Note 7: December 2016 Update

By Ten L. , Updated Dec 15, 2016 07:36 PM EST

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7's recall may have started a couple of months ago but there's a reason why the controversial model is back on everyone's social media feed. Apparently, there are still Note 7 owners who did not return their devices despite the recall. With that, Samsung decided to implement the most valid solution to this problem - cut the Note 7's wireless and wired connections via an update. So if you're one of these people who rebelled on the recall long enough, you might already want to return your Note 7 device. Here's how.

How To Initiate Your Note 7 Recall

As per Samsung, if you bought your unit from, you can refer to this page dedicated to customers like you. If you have more questions that Samsung hasn't answered in their recall web page, you can also contact their hotline. The company has given out their 1-844-365-6197 contact number for people looking for assistance with the recall.

Why Return Your Note 7

Samsung will be releasing new updates to further encourage people to participate in the Note 7 recall. These updates will cap the charging percentage of the remainder of Samsung Note 7 devices in certain markets and keep them from connecting to WiFi, Bluetooth and Data. Without cellular access, the remaining Samsung Note 7 devices will practically be useless.

Take note that news also came out that US-based Samsung Note 7 devices will actually receive an even "worse" update. It was said that instead of the regular battery-capping update, these phones will actually receive an update that will totally disable their capacity to charge. With that said, the phones will eventually lose power and be as good as a piece of brick. Nevertheless, it's still worth mentioning that Verizon won't be participating in this update. The company has already stated their reasons as to why they won't.

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