Samsung Compensation Offers For Returning Your Galaxy Note 7

By Ten L. , Updated Dec 15, 2016 07:37 PM EST

Samsung is back at it again with the Note 7. What seemed to be a closed controversy has now returned to the headlines. If you haven't heard about it yet, Samsung is now at its fiercest as the company upped its game in trying to have every Note 7 owner return their phablets. Apparently, Samsung is trying to brick the remainder of the Note 7 devices.

Nevertheless, on the lighter side of things, it looks like the Note 7 would have really been an amazing phone. Why else would a lot of people keep it if it's not worth it? Needless to say, as cruel as you think Samsung is being, the company is also giving out compensations if you return your Note 7. Here's a quick overview.

Returning Your Samsung Galaxy Note 7

If you want to participate in the recall, you can have your Note 7 exchanged with a different Samsung smartphone and get a refund on any price difference. You can also simply get a refund instead of exchanging your phone. No matter what option you choose, you'll get a small compensation for the inconvenience that you have been put through.

Compensations For Returning Your Samsung Galaxy Note 7

If you get another Samsung device in exchange of your recalled device, you will be given up to a $100 bill credit from selected sources (minus any incentives already obtained). If you're one of the people who have already exchanged their Note 7 for a different Samsung phone, you will get up to $75 bill credit from selected sources. It's still a hundred dollar all-in-all including the $25 that you already received.

If you simply want a refund for your money, you will still be given your $25 bill credit as an acknowledgement for the inconvenience that you've been through. This same idea applies in exchanging your Note 7 with a different smartphone brand. Technically, every returners of the Note 7 is offered a $25 bill credit but those who go for Samsung brands as replacements are given extra compensations.

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