Microsoft Windows 10 Smartphone Latest News & Update: Windows 10 Mobile, Out of Stock In The UK!

By Caroline , Updated Dec 17, 2016 09:50 AM EST

While iOS and Android smartphones are dominating, several users still prefer anything out of the norm. Luckily, there's Microsoft to offer something different yet, worth trying. With Windows 10 mobile, every possibility users have never thought of, becomes possible.

In fact, according to Neowin, stores in the UK that sell Microsoft Windows 10 smartphones have run out of stock. Although this is likely to happen, it is still surprising! Just last November, Microsoft has also run out of Lumia 950 and 950 XL after huge price cuts on its mobile devices. And now, the company is facing the same fate with its Windows 10 smartphones.

This week, Microsoft has then again cut off the price for its Lumia 650 only for a limited time. It was supposed to end this December 16, however, it has become unavailable already. Sad thing is, there's no response yet whether it will get restocked or not. The same thing goes with Lumia 550 which famous for its wide viewing angle.

What Made Windows 10 Buyable?

According to TechRadar, Windows 10 smartphones have developed lots of customization compared to the previous OS version. Fans loved the new features and improvements and although there were minor issues, it still came out beyond expectation.

The tiled design has also improved a lot since it has allowed full customization. Window Phone 8.1 lets users resize the tiles, however, Windows 10 brings more room for personalization. Adding a photo as the background of the device or the tiles is possible and perhaps, this is the coolest thing that Microsoft smartphone has done. The transparency of the tiles can also be adjusted according to the user's preference. Compared to Android devices, Microsoft Windows 10 smartphones offers just as much when it comes to personalization and way better than iOS devices.

Probably, this is what enticed many users especially for those who are into personalization. In the meantime, let's be hopeful that it'll get stocks again, soon.

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