'Stardew Valley' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Solve The Mystery Of The Statue In The Hidden Forest & Get One Stardrop From It

By Switchy Sam , Updated Dec 16, 2016 04:01 AM EST

"Stardew Valley" from ConcernedApe has many secrets. The game features the way to gain Stardrop, one of the most important fruits in the game because it increases the character's maximum health and stamina permanently. Fortunately, the game has numerous ways to gain an increased stamina, health, attack, speed, and more buffs.

However, these are only temporary and it can wear off anytime. Fortunately, these Stardrops that are rare and scarce can be found in the game and every hidden areas. The permanent boost is something that layers should not miss. One of the secret areas in the game would be the Secret Woods with a statue of Old Master Canoli.

Grow a special berry or buy it from the Traveling Cart

In "Stardew Valley," players can actually obtain a Stardrop from Old Master Canoli's statue in Secret Woods. There are two ways to obtain what Old Master Canoli is looking for---the Sweet Gem Berry. First, players can obtain the seeds of the berry from the Traveling Cart that is available during Fridays and Sundays in front of the lake and near the entrance of Secret Woods. The seeds grow and bear fruit after 24 days and can be planted on the farm or a greenhouse.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth

Another method in "Stardew Valley" is to directly buy it from the same source, the Traveling Cart, with a price that varies depending on timing, which is 9K gold to 15K gold. Once the Sweet Gem Berry is acquired, go straight to the Secret Woods, considering it has been unlocked by chopping the huge log or stump from the entrance with a gold level pickaxe or higher. Once near the statue, hold the berry and give it to Old Master Canoli's statue, then the statue will light up in its eyes. Again, talk to the statue and players will receive the Stardrop.

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