‘Grimm’ Season 6 Air Date, Spoilers, Predictions: Sean to Control Nick? Rosalee’s Child in Danger? Monroe Dies in Finale?

By Mardielyn , Updated Dec 15, 2016 07:54 PM EST

"Grimm" Season 6 episode 1 titled "Fugitive" seems to be the start of the Wesen Natch and Nick, with the help of Eve/Juliette and the Scooby Gang, will try to stop the rebellion. However, with Sean as Portland's mayor, it will surely become shockingly darker than what we expected. What will be the Scooby gang's plan? Will Mayor Sean go after Nick's loved ones? What about Rosalee and Monroe's child, will the baby be safe?

Nick's Plan in "Grimm" Season 6

In "Grimm" Season 6 trailer "The Final Chapter", we saw Nick, Eve/Juliette, Monroe, Hank and Wu planning something. Though it seems like the grimm is determined to go solo in this mission, Eve/Juliette volunteers to team up with him.

Though the "Grimm" Season 6 trailer did not reveal what mission Nick, Eve/Juliette and the Scooby gang are talking about, it will either be against Renard to rescue baby Kelly and Adalind or against the Black Claw to stop the Wesen Natch they are brewing since last season.

Sean Renard to Use Baby Kelly to Control Nick?

Portland's mayor Sean Renard will be the "big bad villain" in "Grimm" Season 6, per David Giuntoli's revelation. Speculations suggest that he will not only controlling and leading Portland but also the Black Claw since Bonaparte is dead. However, there are threats to his leadership, Nick and something evil that we saw in the trailer.

In one scene in "Grimm" Season 6 trailer, we saw Renard's shock when he saw dead bodies on the floor. Two fan theories now becoming more and more closer to reality because of this, maybe Renard cannot control his Zauberbiest because of something evil or Diana, his daughter, was the one controlling him to do things like what she did when she decided to kill Bonaparte. One way or the other, the only thing that might happen is, he will be a threat to the gang especially to baby Kelly. He might use him to control Nick and this could lead to another complicated situation for the grimm.

What Will Happen to Rosalee and Monroe's Baby?

In the end of season 5, we are left thinking what will be Rosalee's fate in "Grimm" Season 6. She is now pregnant with her first child with Monroe. We saw how worried she is because of what's happening to the town, with the Wesen Natch and Sean as mayor, there's no safe place to live in now and it will surely be a threat to her baby's life.

Adding on, a fan theory for "Grimm" Season 6 says that there will be someone who might die in the series' finale, some says it's Wu, others think it's Monroe. If this will really happen and it's Monroe, maybe he'll die because of protecting Rosalee and their baby.

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