Pokemon Go Christmas Event News And Updates: How Can Niantic Improve The Event

By zekiah , Updated Dec 15, 2016 07:55 PM EST

Pokemon Go was once a worldwide phenomenon driving hordes of people to a specific place just to catch a rare pokemon. But as all trends fade, so does Pokemon Go. Since the initial rush of Pokemon Go, it has now declined to host only the most serious players. Niantic, developer of Pokemon Go just recently dropped its Christmas event with the latest update in a bid to make the game fresh. But all players got were a Pikachu wearing a Santa hat. Sure its cute but with a game like Pokemon needs more than that. If Niantic is serious about the continuity of Pokemon. Here are some ways Niantic can improve the Christmas Event.

First, the hats should not be limited to one pokemon. As of now the only Pokemon that wears a hat is Pikachu. Hats on all Pokemons can function the same way as shiny Pokemons in the main series. Hats could can be a sign of a strong Pokemon and at the same time spread the Christmas spirit. And if December ends, the hats will be gone and players are now left with a prize of capturing a strong pokemon. That way more players will participate in the Christmas event in pursuit of capturing a strong Pokemon with increased chances.

Pokemon Go Christmas Event should also give gifts. Christmas is the time of giving and its only natural for player to receive gifts. You can't call it a Christmas event without gift giving. But these shouldn't be wasted on something that's not useful. Niantic should give random gifts to players that are beneficial to them. These can include random Pokemons to items. As long the player has a use for it, the gift would be appreciated.

However, Niantic still has a lot to do in terms of Pokemon Go. The promises and potential shown in the reveal trailer aren't still completely fulfilled. And if given a chance to choose of playing the game on that trailer with the game we have now with the Christmas event, there's no doubt that people would pick the former. But since you started the Christmas Event, might as well do it well.

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