'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update: The Game's True Purpose Finally Declines, Physical Activities & Ventures Gone?

By Switchy Sam , Updated Dec 16, 2016 04:07 AM EST

"Pokemon Go" is known for its purpose---to let people out of their houses and go outside to venture the beautiful nature and buildings. Experiencing the outside world through walking and running is the main goal of the game. Numerous people are living the unhealthy lifestyle, which is the reason why the said game is created to break those living in such a lifestyle.

However, with the rapid success of the game among millions of people around the world, it seems to slowly decline time after time. The reason may be from the updates and expectations that fans and players are thinking.

Research from British Medical Journal proves it so

The decline of players of "Pokemon Go" is because of the same processes all over again. With Niantic Labs consistently making the game better through updates and bonuses, it seems that as days and months pass by. The research and data gathered from British Medical Journal [BMJ] state the rates rising up since the release date up to the current moment.

From the graph that was created from people playing the game, the quick rise was so high but slowly plummeted down up to the lowest level. This proves that people might actually tired or returning back to their lifestyles before.

Fading hope yet never giving up

Niantic Labs, the creator of "Pokemon Go," have no signs of giving up, which is a positive trait that every company needs to have. There seems to be countermeasure for this issue with Niantic Labs, which will lead to future updates that will counter it. With this issue, this proves that people get bored of things easily and always tend to find something new and "trending."

Aside from that, the bandwagon that everyone jumped into is slowly losing its passengers. "Pokemon Go" aims to solve obesity and introversion of people around the world and provide a healthy living but this issue is something serious to both Niantic Labs and other establishments connected with this game.

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