Outlast PS4 Release Date: Acclaimed Horror Game Free For PS Plus in February

By Alex Riviello , Updated Jan 14, 2014 09:14 AM EST

Once again the PS4 looks to be a beacon in the darkness for horror fans, a seeming safe haven that draws them close before revealing itself as the monster it is, dismembering them and splattering them around as a warning to anyone else who would venture near. Alright, that metaphor got out of hand, but the system really seems like it's destined to become home to a lot of horror titles. Case in point- Outlast, which Red Barrels released on PC to great acclaim last year. It's set for release next month on PS4 but now we know even better news- it's going to be a free title for PS Plus users in February.

Red Barrels took to their Facebook page yesterday to announce the news with a picture of PS Plus and the following note- "Outlast will be free in February for all PlayStation Plus users (PS4 only). #OUTLAST #PS4 #PSPLUS"

And so of course gamers took to the news by adding comments asking when the DLC for the PC version will hit and why Outlast wasn't coming out for PS3. Gamers really are a bunch of entitled babies sometimes. 

Those babies are probably the wrong audience for Outlast anyway, which has the kind of reputation only a few games earn of being almost too scary. Like Amneisa: The Dark Descent before it, Outlast leaves you alone and helpless and hounded by monstrous enemies. There's plenty of funny Youtube videos of people losing their minds while playing it and the PS4 seems like the perfect place to capture some more reactions, considering how easy it is to share and stream gameplay from the system. 

As for PS Plus, this seems like a nice trend of free PS4 games. Things kicked off in November with the launch of the system where Compulsion Games' Contrast and Housemarque's Resogun were made available for free, and Klei's spooky survival game Don't Starve hitting just a week ago. Horror fans have Daylight, SOMA, The Evil Within and Dying Light upcoming. Whether any of those will be available via PS Plus is up in the air but a man can dream, can't he? 

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