ArenaNet Teases Guild Wars 2's Origins of Madness, Out Jan. 21 [VIDEO]

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Jan 14, 2014 03:52 PM EST

All through 2013, arch-villain Scarlet Briar was working behind the scenes as the engineering mastermind behind countless events of wanton destruction all throughout Tyria. Now with the New Year upon us, she's set to make a stunning debut.

Given her secrecy, it's apt to call Scarlet Briar a puppet master. Given the label, what better monstrosity to control than a frightful fantoccini? No, that's not a pasta. In the video below, players will bear witness to the Twisted Marionette, a monolithic creature carving its own path through the mountains in Lornar's Pass. Due to the sheer size of this creation, no lone player will be able to take this monstrosity down on their own. They'll need help.

But that's not all. According to a press release, there's another abomination wreaking havoc in Tyria. "Scarlet's machinations have unearthed something ancient and angry in Bloodtide Coast. The Great Jungle Wurm is a huge multi-headed creature so powerful that only an army of players can challenge it."

Players will get their chance to tackle (hopefully with a team) these beastly bothers next week, Jan. 21. Check out the trailer below to get a peek at these gruesome ghoulies. You can read a recap of Scarlet's activities through 2013 here.

Out since August of 2012, Guild Wars 2 was a hit before it even came out, with pre-sales totaling over one million. The game takes place 250 years after the first game, and features a "living, breathing" world with dynamic events that respond to player actions.

An action game at heart, survival in combat is based on timing, skill, and movement. Well-timed dodges or combo attacks are integral to any battle. Guild Wars 2 rethinks the outdated class restrictions of other games, giving players the tools and skills they need to play with friends regardless of their class.

The game is out now for PC and Mac.

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