'Rainbow Six Siege' Latest News & Updates: The Game's Weakest Character Has Been Improved, New Patch Adss PvP Map

By Cores Grace Malaay , Updated Dec 15, 2016 07:55 PM EST

"Rainbow Six Siege" new update is now live, which makes several major modifications to characters as well as additional new PvP map. The update is the newest mid-season reinforcement for the game, which giving Tachanka an all new protection.

According to GameSpot, Tachanka has been in "Rainbow Six Siege" since its release and has been deemed the weakest of Siege's Operators and of all characters. Tachanka has the lowest pick rate, which has been acknowledged by Ubisoft. The developer also added that the tradeoff is not too good between his turret's stopping supremacy and his mobility shortage where attackers can simply shoot him in the head when his position is known.

With the new "Rainbow Six Siege" patch, Tachanka's turret has earned a shield, which protects him from headshots. Although flanking him as well as pinning a headshot is still possible, the new shield will give Tachanka players an improved chance to escape.

According to the "Rainbow Six Siege" patch notes, if the shield is sufficiently shot, attackers can destroy it separately from Tachanka's turret. As a reward for the additional shield, the gun now has included additional recoil, which spreads when it's being discharged.

Moreover, a fresh variation of the Bartlett University map has been updated as a competitive map. This was only available in non-PvP modes in the past.

The developer explained that the latest redesigned map in "Rainbow Six Siege" will take all the gas as well as PvE elements off from its original map design. It also features improved destruction, visual layout for a better orientation as well as a fresh two-layer destruction.

Additionally, Fuze also earned cluster charge addition and the range, which they are most efficient, has been expanded. Bandit also gained another battery, Smoke's gas canisters will be tossed like grenades instead of nitro cells and Blackbeard gains nerfed in three ways. Visit the Ubisoft website for more details of "Rainbow Six Siege" new patch.

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