New Motorola Mid-Range Model Will Soon Come: FCC Confirmed!

By Muhammad Firman Akhsanu Ridho , Updated Dec 15, 2016 10:10 PM EST

Lenovo does not seem to want to make Motorola lovers forget that the smartphones they love so much are still being released. In fact, Lenovo has done a great job so far. Well, what gives rise to this new rumor is the fact that several Motorola smartphones have appeared in the FCC, that is, several variants of the same smartphone which is Motorola mid-range model.

However, interesting information is that the rear camera in the new Motorola mid-range model - which is not a Dual Camera - should be similar to the Moto Z camera. Moreover, according to other information, the various models will have 2GB and 3GB (in only one) of RAM, so they will not be flagships. However, some should have an internal memory of 16GB and other 32GB of storage. Android 7.0 is the software version that will come from the factory.

In terms of their autonomy, these smartphones should have 2800mAh for whatever comes and goes. All models in Motorola mid-range model will be for use with a single SIM card except for those that will be sold in Australia. It should be noted that this is only rumored and that, for that reason, there is still much to find out about these Motorola. Hopefully they will be released soon.

It is not clear where the release date comes. Yet, there is strong possibility that the new gadget of this Motorola mid-range model will come next year, Motorola so far, has been popular to produce an affordable gadget with high-end technology. Even though the company is based in the US, the market can still compete the Chinese-made smartphone around the globe. Hopefully, the new model will give better user experiences and also the new rumored android, Oreo.

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