Slack Latest News & Update: Video Calling Now Live! AOL's Alto Email Features Chat App!

By Rehn de Guia , Updated Dec 15, 2016 05:40 PM EST

Few days after Slack's video calling feature, the famous chat app continuously gets great responses. Some reports even say that it became a threat to some giant applications as it really offers amazing features. But now, AOL's Alto features Slack. This is undeniably a success for the chat app.

Slack Video Calling Now Live!

This has been a wonderful gift to receive this coming Holiday as Slack is getting bigger and better. The giant tech company already launched the chat app's new feature, video calling. This definitely gave people options to choose if what app best performs.

The said new feature of Slack, video calling, is now available on Windows, Mac, and Chrome. Like before, anyone can start a conversation; send them a message and call. But for paying customers, the best thing is, they can talk to 15 people at once. This smart feature is perfect for virtual meetings.

This video calling feature is no extraordinary but; Slack added its unique emoji responses. This really helps users to give an easy or handful answer with no hassle.

Slack, with no doubt, is doing their best to also release a full version of the chat app in mobile, Engadget cited. As for now, smartphone users cannot completely experience the famous application's services and features. Mobile users are only allowed to do an audio live call.

The latest update of Slack is noted to be a threat for Skype and Facebook. As people all know, this two giant apps made video calling very possible but, Slack won't stop from improving its services. This could lead to Slack's mirroring other rival chat apps features and advantages.

AOL's Alto Email Features Slack!

A better and more advanced offer of AOL's Alto has become viral. Some reports have already noted that this is the best email app to use. It simplifies and manages the users' inbox and shows important notes first. This is very similar to Cloud Magic and Google's Gmail. But, AOL Alto's has something to do with Slack.

Users can connect AOL Alto to Slack. In that way, they can get access to their account's dashboard and email in Slack. Users can also send images from Alto and upload it in their chat app account. Followers and other end-users are continuously citing their feedbacks with these exciting updates. For sure, trying these new advanced technologies are already on their list.

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