LG V20 Specs, Features, Reviews & Update: New Competitor Enters Smartphone Playing Field; Here's What We Know So Far

By Dannel Picaccio Camille Perez Lozano , Updated Dec 16, 2016 08:21 AM EST

The LG V20 is already being looked at as one of the strongest contenders in the Android mobile phone industry, despite the taboo surrounding the Apple and Samsung products. Many may not expect it to be so, but the company has laid out the big guns for the fight.

As the community of smartphone users expand massively all across the globe, the demand rides along the wave unceasingly as well. In that case, the LG V20 may be what many call as the unrecognized card on the table, but certainly not the least-as its features are more than spectacular to note.

Recent reports stated that the LG V20 moved away from the conventional designs of the existing Android or iOS devices, giving itself a sturdier, more concrete look. This brings the talk of the stability within the device, which many can agree on being quite more than the contemporary Samsung and Apple products. Rigged with a Gorilla Glass 4 display and silicone polycarbonate along the top and bottom, the phone is already considered stable beyond its competition.

Further justification of the LG V20 claims that the device's 3.5mm headphone jack already holds and advantage against the iPhone model that recently came out. There is also the secondary screen of the device, which is said to be always on and is utilized to access apps and quick settings with ease. Moreover, the secondary screen permits users to have a customizable default signature, along with the brightness and contrast improvement.

Not everything is considerably great, however, for the LG V20 as a whole. The 3200mAh battery is not all that pleasant, but the detachable back cover of the LG V20 can have users interchange with a full battery. Nonetheless, the device is said to be more than a qualified contender for Android device of the year.

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