‘Watch Dogs 2’ Update Adds San Francisco’s Fog Appearances & Multiplayer Tweaks; How Hacker Invasion Works?

By Arlene Limsiaco , Updated Dec 16, 2016 10:51 AM EST

Ubisoft developer released several updates for the game "Watch Dogs 2" which became the talk of the town. However, the developer was not convinced with the outcome and decided to add more features that include more fog and Hacking Invasions.

"Watch Dogs 2" had recently released its new patch that brings solutions for fixing bugs and balances the multiplayer game modes. Since the game setting was a replicate of San Francisco, the company received several claims from PC players that the game wasn't foggy enough to look like the said city.

Ubisoft became concerned about the matter and decided to add a little more update for the patch in PC version; to add more fog. Starting 6 pm, the appearance of fog will start to show and just disappear at 2 pm the next day. The game players will now experience the true ambiance of San Francisco through playing "Watch Dogs 2". The recent update earned impressive reactions from its players so company assured their gamers that they will have a future update regarding the adjustment and randomize those fog appearances.

However, fog update was not the only that Ubisoft added to the game and it was called Hacking Invasions. As what the company said, "After reviewing the data and feedback, we've concluded that there are too many opportunities for the target to accidentally discover the hacker."

How Hacking Invasions work?

After downloading the update to "Watchdogs 2,"  there is no profile of enemy player's RC seen in the walls. Instead of just targeting the enemy, a red targeting line will display between the enemy. Their RC will only appear if it is profiled. The system will warn the hacker when their RC is profiled.

Another thing was the rewarding system of the hacker. The player will only receive awards based on the percentage's download completed. Extra rewards are added for the successful escape. There is also a fixed for exploit where the players cannot be seen while in the water using the Nethack vision.

For bug fixes, Hacking Invasions include the media player song issues. The music will keep on playing in Nudle Map during the invading of the other players. It allows you to create an exploit to have a better identification. Lastly, the icons of side activities will suddenly appear from the world map during the player's invasion in "Watchdogs 2."

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