Steam Winter Sale Latest News & Update: Biggest Online Game Offers Top Game Titles; When Does It Start? What Are The Best Deals?

By Daniel Flores , Updated Dec 16, 2016 09:37 AM EST

One of gamers most anticipated discount sale online is the Steam Winter Sale, where various game titles are offered with huge price discounts. To know more about the Steam Winter Sale, read on to find more information on the top deals of the anticipated game sale in the holidays.

Steam Winter Sale Games & Price Discounts

According to reports, the Steam Winter Sale will start on December 22 until January 2, a week from now. Valve doesn't regularly share information of when it comes to the Steam Winter Sale, but the said report claims that this information has been leaked online.

The publication also reports that the upcoming Steam Winter Sale will no longer be having a Flash Deal. Meaning, the game's prices from the start of the Steam Winter Sale, will be fixed until the sale ends on January 2.

The Steam Winter Sale will have a lot of offered games for its consumers when the marked down sale starts, including "Doom" and "The Witcher III." Valve will most likely include "Dark Souls 3" on the start of the Steam Winter sale.

Meanwhile, speculations are rife that other game titles from Steam's Autumn Sale 2016 will also be on the Steam Winter Sale this coming December 22. Game titles such as "Tom Clancy's The Division", "The Elder's Scrolls 5: Skyrim", "Quantum Break", and "Sid Meier's Civilization 6" are highly likely make it on the list.

The Steam Winter Sale has been a yearly custom from Valve along with Steam Summer Sale and Steam Autumn Sale. The 2015 Steam Winter Sale also kick off on December 22, the same date on 2016's sale would begin, meaning there is a big possibility that Steam Winter Sale will fall on the mentioned date.

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