Google Releases WebVR API to its Latest Chrome Beta on Gadgets Running on Android

By Kevin Panganiban , Updated Dec 16, 2016 09:41 AM EST

Virtual Reality is one of the latest trends that are hitting the smartphone market these days and companies are doing everything that they can to integrate into just about every product that they have. Now, Google's new WebVR API will make things even more interesting as it finally creates a way for VR web browsing.

The current VR in the market would only require you to put the device on your headset and show you a VR video or image that lacks the immersive quality of what we really expect from VR. With the WebVR API activated in the most recent Chrome beta, both developers and content providers will be able to access the output and input capabilities of both controllers and the VR devices.

According to XDA Developers, the WebVR API gives various web browsers the ability to render web-based apps in stereoscopic 3D on a Virtual Reality headset similar to the Daydream View. Aside from this, the WebVR API even give its users the access to their position and orientation. Having a GamePad API extension would even make your web VR experience much better by letting you use motion controllers. This will enable you to fully interact with the VR environment and let you experience what it feels like to be in the actual system, Android Community reported.

Web developers are urged to sign up for an Origin Trial to test the latest Google WebVR API. This will let them have a temporary access to some of its VR features when visitors visit their sites. The WebVR API is still in its trial period and is still being developed based on the feedback received from the volunteer developers. 

Google is planning to develop it even further to desktop platforms and even Google Cardboard in the future. This recent innovation by Google will definitely push the VR technology to the next level and may even open new doors to different services that can be available to anyone who has access o the internet. Virtual reality continues to evolve in ways that we can only imagine.

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