Zombie Driver HD Pulled From Sale Following Publisher's Closure

By Alex Riviello , Updated Jan 25, 2014 09:05 AM EST

We're living in a digital age, where everything lasts forever! Well, kinda. The Xbox Live Arcade has recently seen a number of titles pulled from its marketplace as licenses change and studios close up shop, and Zombie Driver HD is the most recent victim. EXOR Studios just announced that due to the liquidation of their publisher Cyberfront Corporation, Zombie Driver HD will be temporarily taken down from sale on the XBLA worldwide, and the PlayStation Network in Japan at the end of January.

This won't affect anyone who's bought the game before it's pulled from the shop- you can redownload it and play it to your heart's content forever, and the leaderboards and such won't be affected. But anyone who wants to play it needs to get downloading, and fast. This might not be the end of the game on the Xbox 360 forever, as EXOR is in the process of finding another publishing partner. The same goes for the Playstation Network in Japan. When they do the game will certainly be relisted and everyone can resume 

Note that Zombie Driver HD will be available anywhere that EXOR was self-publishing the game, like Steam, The Windows Store, OUYA, and the Playstation Network worldwide outside of Japan. If you're wondering why a lot of indie developers prefer the Playstation, the ability to self-publish is certainly a big reason. Microsoft doesn't allow you to do that on the XBLA and so things like this happen.

One good news that's come of this is that revelation that EXOR studios has sold 500,000 copies of the game across all platforms, in 58 countries around the world.That's a helluva lot of copies for a small title like this, which just goes to show you how popular zombies are, or, more specifically, driving over and through zombies. This author can attest to the pure fun of the game, which allows you to outfit a number of cars with an arsenal of upgrades and weapons. 

To take advantage of this bad situation EXOR studios has decided to give away tons of free copies to people via their Facebook page, trying to give as many away as possible before the game isn't available for sale anymore. Keep an eye on there for giveaways and for news on when the game possible makes its triumphant return to the marketplace. 

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